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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP) 

The AGCP is the home of some the best clubfitters & club builders in the world who are willing to share their techniques and secrets with you when you join at the  highest level. The AGCP membership at the highest level is the ultimate experience for clubfitters and clubmakers who want to learn to excel at their craft, those who want to grow and expand their business, and those who want to increase profits through peer coaching.

Just getting started in your clubfitting or club building business? Not sure what to do about a particular problem you've encountered? Imagine sending out one email and having some of the best clubfitters and clubmakers in the world giving you advice, almost instantly. Yes, you will have access to AGCP Masters of Technology, Golf Digest's 100 Best Clubfitters and a whole host of other members who have been doing this for up to 40 years or more as your trusted advisors. All ready and willing to answer your questions. No matter how minor you thing your question is they take it seriously because they too have been there in their career at some time in the past.

Are you a club maker or clubfitter?  

  • …do you want to help your golfers shoot lower scores?
  • …do you want to know more about clubfitting?
  • …do you want to know more about clubmaking? 
Then you need to join and share in the Mastermind alliance with the other AGCP members. See: The Mastermind Principle

When your skills develop you can apply for certification from the AGCP. If you can perform well on a tough essay examination and convince our Masters of Golf Club Technology you know your stuff well enough, you can be certified. No open book tests where you can look in the index and find the answer to copy, but a thorough essay examination of your knowledge where you have to explain in your own words how to perform specific tasks and what the theories are behind fitting and building techniques. 


Are you a golfer that wants to play better golf?
  • …do you want to shoot lower scores?
  • …do you want to do you want to hit longer, Straighter, more accurate shot more consistently?
  • …do you want to enjoy playing golf more because you play better golf?

Then you came to the right place! 

  • If you are looking for a clubfitter
  • If you want to learn more about golf clubs
If you are looking for a clubfitter please see our Certification Requirements page and determine at what level you need help. Our certifications are designed to help you find the ability you need and the equipment you want for your game.

You need to join the site and share in the information rich atmosphere the AGCP provides about custom golf clubs.

Welcome to the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals online Mastermind experience. The site is for golfers, clubmakers, clubfitters, sponsors of the AGCP and anyone interested in golf. Anyone can browse around on the site. For more on the Mastermind Principle please click on "The Mastermind Principle".

We have assembled some of our best clubfitters, golf pros and technical experts to offer information to golfers everywhere who want to know more about playing better golf. They will offer insights into the golf swing and the technical and physical aspects of golf clubs to help you understand the value of custom fitting. We also have a section of the site that is dedicated to our members and that part remains hidden from anyone who isn’t an AGCP member. Many of the highly technical conversations and mush of the technical content is reserved only for members. Spend some time checking out the information presented by the Authors listed to the left. You’ll be glad you did I’m sure. Depending on what kind of member what pages you will have access to. AGCP members will have exclusive access to all member pages. AGCP Sponsors will have access to a joint AGCP Member and Sponsor area where they will have exclusive access to talk about products. Last but not least Golfers will have access to all public pages to learn more about fitting and the art of club building. There are so many myths floating around about custom fitting we want to provide a place where you can learn the facts. With articles by some of the world’s foremost clubfitters and club builders and some of the world’s foremost club head designers, as well as a good dose of video we can provide you, the golfer, with facts that will allow you to go out and find the right clubfitter to help you play better golf. So sign up for the membership that is appropriate for you and enjoy our site.

  • If you are a clubfitter or clubmaker you can join the best organization in the world and learn to be better at your chosen profession.
  • If you are a golfer you can look at our Member Directory and find an AGCP Certified clubfitter to help you on your path to achieving your dream of being a better golfer.

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If you are interested in becming the best clubfitter and club builder ou can be please click here and join the AGCP. Share the knowledge of clubfitting & club building with some of the best in the world 24/7/365. Get answers to the questions that you have that will make you a better clubfitter and club builder.

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