Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

Help for Golfers

Welcome Golfers,

If you are like most golfers you want to play better golf. You are on the right web site, we can help. Take a look though our site for tips & tricks and ways to improve. Some of the things you will find are:

  • A locator page for some of the best clubfitters in the world
  • A lot of writing about the benefits of custom clubfitting
  • Videos about the benefits of custom clubfitting
  • Articles and stories about the benefits of custom clubfitting. What’s in it for you.
  • Technical articles about club design, shaft design, weight, length and many other aspect of custom fitting, why and how it helps you play better golf.

You can find contact information for our members on the locator pages along with their certification level, what the certification means to you and a whole lot of things that will help you play better golf.

Meanwhile enjoy a few videos about the benefits of custom clubfitting from Tom Wishon one of the industry leaders in custom fitting and golf club design.

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