Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

Keith Chatham

AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology
AGCP Level 10 Retail Store Qualified & Certified
AGCP Charter Member
AGCP Lifetime Member

PrecisionFit Golf
1452 Sidney Baker
Kerrville, TX 78028

AGCP 2007 Member of the Year
Original AGCP Branson RT1 Member and Instructor

Professional Clubmakers Society –
2006 PCS International Clubmaker of the Year
2006 PCS Regional Clubmaker of the Year
2005 PCS Regional Clubmaker of the Year
PCS Professional “Class A” Clubmaker
PCS Certified Clubfitter
PCS Certified Clubmaker

Golf Clubmakers Association –
2004-2005 Texas Clubmaker of the Year
GCA Accretited Professional Clubmaker
GCA Accretited Advanced Clubmaker
2007-2008 Texas Clubmaker of the Year

Owner of PrecisionFit Golf in Kerrville, TX, Keith Chatham is a dedicated clubfitter and club builder. When asked why he enjoys the AGCP so much, he responded with:

“Here are the reasons I am an AGCP Member:

  1. Continuing Education undefinedI believe the very best education for clubfitters is through the AGCP and attending the AGCP Roundtables.
  2. Networking undefined the AGCP definitely has the best networking forum and best Membership of all the clubfitting organizations, IMO.
  3. Members Forumun definedAGCP’s is the best for information and you will get advise from some of the best clubfitters n the world.
  4. Opportunity for every clubfitter to become the Best of the Bestundefined a Master of Golf Club Technology. No other organization offers this to their members. A goal would be to have all members achieve this status.
  5. Teaching undefinedas an instructor, I believing in educating our members and other clubfitters. I believe the best way to learn is through members teaching members and sharing one on one personal clubfitting experience.

I firmly believe that the AGCP gives all of us the knowledge to be the very best clubfitters in the world. Shouldn’t that be every clubfitters Goalundefinedto be the Best of the Best!”

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