Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

Mike Moynahan

AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology
AGCP Level 10 Certified plus Retail

PO Box 7079, Kamuela, HI 96743
#64-880 Kahilu Rd, Kamuela, HI 96743

Advanced Certified Rifle Center
TT Gold Certified Shaft Specialist Complete
Clubmakers Training at Golfsmith
Advanced Clubmaking, Fitting, and Repair Certified Club Repair,
Mitchell Repair SteelClub Professional Clubfitter
Golfsmith Master Craftsman
GCA Certified Advanced Clubmaker
PCS Class A Clubmaker
GCA Top 10 Worldwide Clubmaker of the Year 2006-07, 07-08, 08-09
GCA Hawaii Clubmaker of the Year 2004-05, 05-06, 06-07, 07-08, 08-09
GCA US Regional Clubmaker of the Year 2002-03
PCS US Regional Clubmaker of the Year 2005
PCS Distinguished Clubmaker of the Year 2006

I am a lifetime golfer who loves the game and who played junior golf in Hawaii and Washington D.C. I participated in junior national events and competed on the golf team at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Upon retiring I wanted to keep myself occupied and decided to convert my home workshop into a golf workshop. I had always wanted to learn to work on golf clubs, especially because I tended to break so many over the years. In 1996, the year I started training with Golfsmith, I decided to launch Kama’aina Clubmakers based on the demand in the local Maui community for a quality golf repair and a custom clubmaker. Over the last three years I have received the Golf Clubmakers Association Top Ten Worldwide Clubmaker of the Year and in October of 2009, received designation as a Master of Golf Club Technology by the Association of Golf Club Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP). The AGCP is an organization that is designed to promote the golf clubmaking/fitting by education, motivation and council. Members are dedicated to assisting fellow members in their pursuit of this discipline. From the forum, to the Roundtables, the member interaction there is no organization that approaches the Association of Golf Club Clubfitting Professionals.

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