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Clubfitters and Clubmakers Convention

The AGCP's "RT Week" Is The Ultimate Experience of Convention & Events for Clubfitters & Clubmakers.

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November 15 through 18, 2017
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Upcoming events

    • November 15, 2017
    • November 18, 2017
    • Columbus Trade Center, Columbus, GA

    Register now if you are planning to attend the 12th Annual AGCP Clubfitter/clubmaker convention in Columbus GA

    Registration is $399 but if members register now you save $100 and your registration is only $299.

    You can register now and pay later. This registration is to determine the amount of participation we will have so we can book rooms and plan for classes, etc.

    Currently our classes are scheduled to include:

    4 hours of Business 101 where the Flat Rate Manual is explained and a how to also. This will prepare new business owners to figure out how to set up profitable pricing for their shop.

    2 hour open discussion on pricing policies and how to be competitive today.

    2 hours of classes on Shaft Selection. How to use programs to help find the best shafts for your golfers. 

    2 hours on wedge fitting and how to determine best grinds for custom wedges.

    2 hours on how to use the Little Green book to help your golfers

    2 hours on set make up and other related matters

    2 hours on fitting with Cure, Ping & Rife putters

    1 or 2 hours on fitting with SAM Putt Lab

    1 or 2 hours on how to sell more custom clubs from a Marketing Viewpoint.

    We are working on other classes for our program and updates will be given as they are verified. All classes subject to change as we firm up speakers commitments. 

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