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Single Length Irons - What? Why? and... Where to find them
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If you do not see anyone near you keep checking back here, as members get their first orders in and complete their demo clubs they will be adding their names to this page

What is the Reason a Golfer Might Consider Making a Change from Normal Incremental Length Irons to a Single Length Set of Irons?

The technical basis behind the creation of a set of single length irons is to say that if all the clubs have the same length, the same total weight, the same headweight, and the same balance point it will enable the golfer to use the same stance, posture, spine angle, swing plane – the same everything in the swing. As such, the single length approach has a chance to offer a higher level of swing repeatability and shot consistency for each of the clubs in the set.

At the same time, it must be said that many golfers have achieved very good swing and shot consistency using irons built to normal incremental lengths which are very accurately custom fit to their size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics. However, if a golfer has suffered from chronic or occasional shot inconsistency, converting to a single length concept could offer some help.

What is the Technical Explanation to Support an Argument About Single Length Irons Being Better for a Golfer than Conventional Incremental Length Irons?

In a single length set of irons, every club is made so that everything that has anything to do with swing feel is the same in each club – same length, same shaft weight, same total weight, same head weight, same swingweight, same balance point, same MOI, and the same shaft stiffness/bend profile design. The only element that is different within single length clubs are the loft angles, to enable the single length clubs to each hit the ball different distances.

Normal incremental length sets of irons cannot duplicate that many different fitting elements. While it is possible to build incremental length sets of irons to all be matched to the same MOI, each club will be different in total weight, head weight, swingweight, and balance point.

As such, the technical reason for creating a single length set of irons is to offer the golfer a chance for improvement in swing repeatability, swing consistency and shot consistency because every club is as perfectly matched for every possible aspect that has anything to do with swing feel.

At this time AGCP members have 2 selections for Single Length Irons.

Wishon Sterling


    Both are quality products but the Sterling is a higher priced club and is reported to have more technology to help golfers gain more distance. The proof is in the pudding though and since the Sterlings are just now shipping it will be a while before we know how the PinHawk and the Sterling compare. If you want to find out try one of our members below and hit some demo clubs and find out how you like them.

    The PinHawk set has a 4 hybrid option and the Sterling has a 5 hybrid option. Both are a result of the current success of NCAA golf champion Bryson DeChambeau using single length clubs. Although single length clubs have been around for a long time, DeChambeau winning the NCAA Championship and his recent success has helped to spur a new interest in single length irons in golfers around the world.

    Bryson DeChambeau recently became the 2015 NCAA Individual Men’s Champion. He is a Physics major at Southern Methodist University (SMU) – and he has taken a very interesting approach to the golf clubs he plays with.

    Of note… all of his irons are one length – 37-1/2 inches – and one lie angle – including his long irons and all of his wedges. Each club head weight is the same – 268 grams – and so the MOI and swingweight of each club is exactly the same. He has decided to do this so that he can use exactly the same golf swing for each club. The clubs where specially built for him.

    His success has spurred interest in single length clubs. From the scattered reports from the sets that have gone out many golfers are finding them easy to hit and more consistent. It's too early to say with certainty that the single length will work for all golfers but it seems at this point it does help some.

    The demand has been such that the initial offers were sold out in record time and both companies listed here are struggling to get resupplied. It looks like it may be May or afterward before supply catches up with demand for single length irons. If you are interested you may need to buy now if you can find them available, or be prepared to wait a few months for supplies to catch up.

    If you are interested in the Single Length Concept you will find on the following pages the AGCP members who have Demo clubs or Demo Sets for you to try. Give them a call, they will be happy to help you explore your options for single length irons and book the next available fitting for you. Be sure and leave a message when you call and repeat your phone number twice to be sure they get it. Also, you might want to follow up with an email too. They are busy and it may take them a day or two to get back to you.

     - Single length test or demo clubs

     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Rick Grinstead II
    Accu-Rite Custom Golf LLC

    37686 S Vista Ridge Ct,SaddleBrooke
    Tucson AZ 85739-2217
    Cell: 615-772-3104
    AGCP Certified Level 9
    Professional Fit, Build, Repair
    Pinhawk Demos in 5 thru P/W
    Wishon Demos in 5 Hyb, 5i thru SW
    Call for Appointment


     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Bill Kelly 
    Pro-fitted Golf Clubs
    At T-Time Practice Center,
    Carpenteria, CA.
    Single length fitting clubs available for test are Wishon Sterling irons #s 5, 7, and 9 and #5 hybrid.

    Bob Williams
    The Pasadena Clubfitter
    By appointment only
    Wishon Sterling single length irons, KBS, True Temper, Aerotech Steelfiber, Alpha, Wishon shafts



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Howard Garson
    Howard's Custom Clubs
    2830 State Road 84 #107
    Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33312
    Wishon Sterling 5,7 & 9 iron that I can interchange shafts.

    Jerry Howard

    2812 Turnbull Cove Dr
    New Smyrna Beach, FL, 32168
    Sterling single length clubs for test 5,7,& 9

    Bill Marshall
    Marshall's Golf Service

    2644 Collins Ave
    Lakeland, Florida 33803
    Wishon Sterling heads in 5,7,9 demo and sets as needed

    Charlie Sampson
    Charlie Sampson Custom Golf Clubs
    1636 Liscourt Drive
    Venice, Florida 34292
    804 307-7766
    I currently have the following Sterling Single Length clubs available to try as demos: 5, 6, 8, and PW. Full set with 5 hybrid option will be available late May.

    Joe Toomey
    Elite Custom Golf LLC
    Milton, Florida
    Full custom fitting for Wishon Sterling single length irons.



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Dan Burnfield
    Augusta Custom Clubs

    2619 Serenity Lane
    Augusta Custom Clubs
    5-SW Wishon Sterling Irons

    Jerry Kibler
    The Club House
    6311 Lakeview Terr
    Douglasville, GA 30135
    Wishon Sterling Single Length 5,7,9 Irons with your choice of shaft

    Roy Nix
    McNix Golf
    Midland, GA

    Both Wishon Sterlings and Pinhawk available, see details at web site



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    215 Main St
    Florence, KY 41042
    Pinhawk demo clubs: 5-PW. 5,7,9 with graphite shafts 6,8,PW with steel shafts Wishon Sterling available for demo clubs 



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    John Sieber
    5696N 225W 
    Delphi, Indiana 46923
    Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Rick Canter
    Rick's Custom Fit Golf
    95 Washington St.,
    Canton, MA 02021
    Wishon Sterling 6i and PW



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Greg Courtnay

    680 East David Hwy.
    Ionia, MI 48846
    Single Length irons available Mid May!

    Joe Korte
    Joe's Custom Clubs
    4084 Bayview Circle
    Newport, MI. 48166
    (734) 693-4135
    Tom Wishon Single Length irons available mid-May!



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Lonny Larson
    Patriot Golf
    800 17th St. SE
    Owatonna, MN 55060
    Strerling & Pinhawk with Steel Fiber, KBS, FST, Alpha, Penley, etc.-- full set, 4i thru PW, AW, SW


    New York

     - Single length test or demo clubs

    John M. Schiavone
    Rocket Science Golf

    161 Beacon Avenue
    Staten Island, NY 10306
    TWGT Sterlings available in May 2016



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Ray Tomaszewski
    Ray’s Golf Repair
    1731 W 22nd Street
    Lorain,Ohio 44052

    Bill Weitzel
    Conquest Custom Golf

    4889 Mercedes Dr.
    Suite D
    Cincinnati/Liberty Township, Ohio 45011
    Wishon Sterling Single Length 5i/9i - by appointment only, fitting only no "demo'ing"



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Douglas ("Doug") Mael
    Doug's Custom Clubs / Tour Quality Golf
    10 Golf Club Dr.
    Langhorne, PA 19047
    215-752-2332 (business)
    215-783-8723 (mobile)
    Wishon Sterling single-length clubs -- #5 Hybrid, plus all irons (#5 iron through wedges) with choice of steel and graphite composite shafts -- available mid-late May, 2016

    Mark Martens
    Golf Clubs and Repairs, Inc (dba Golf Shop)
    3323 Washington Rd, McMurray, PA 15317
    724-747-7805 CELL; 724-941-0110 Shop
    Wishon Sterling single length complete set, including 5 hybrid.

    Frank Stranick
    FS Golf
    2374 Holly Dr.
    Gilbertsville, PA
    Wishon Sterling 5, 7, & 9 iron demo's


    South Carolina

     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Dave Kenzie
    Golf It Is

    McCormick, SC
    Sterling #5 hybrid, #6 thru PW, with S2S White “A” flex Graphite Shafts demos available. All clubs are 7 iron length - 37”.



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Gene Brosky
    Brosky Golf
    1208 Saxon Drive
    Nashville, TN 37215.4408
    Shop Phone: 615.371.5020
    I will have a full set each of:
    Wishon Sterling Irons
    Pinhawk SL Irons
    Available May 1, 2016

    Jim Holley
    Holley’s Stix
    Mount Juliet, TN
    Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons and PinHawk demos are available

    John Huheey
    Hugoclubfitter LLC
    501 Lexington Dr.
    Lebanon Tn. 37087
    Call me ,Hugoclubfitter for answer's to all your questions, concerning Single Length Irons.
    Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons sold here.

    Tony Wright
    Game Improvement Golf

    101 Centennial Boulevard
    Oak Ridge, TN 37830

    I have a dedicated custom club fitting system for Sterling single-length irons. Presently it includes 16 test graphite and steel shafts of varying weights and flexes. I also have sets of 5 and 9 iron demo clubs for golfers to hit - one with 75 gram Wishon S2S White R flex shafts, the other has 115 gram FST 115 A/R flex shafts.



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Keith Chatham
    PrecisionFit Golf
    1452 Sidney Baker St.
    Kerrvile, TX 78028
    Wishon Sterling full set, 5i thru PW, AW, SW



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Bill Owen
    Linksmaster Golf
    201 Lyle Creek Lane
    Ellensburg, WA 98926
    The Pin Hawk demo clubs are available now, but the Wishon single length demos will not be available until the end of May.



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Alan Swisher

    Alan's Custom Clubs
    8015 Aztec Drive
    Cheyenne, WY 82009
    I have the Wishon Sterling Single length set from 5 iron through the Sand Wedge with steel shafts. I will have the 5, 7 & 9 irons with the spiral lock connection system to try with different shafts, when Wishon has them threaded.


     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Denis Dumont
    Golf Canamont
    6114 Des Laurentides blvd.,
    Laval , QC Canada
    514 219-4040
    Full set Pinhawk from #5 to Lob Wedges
    Wishon Sterling clubs #5 , #7 and #9

    Frank Hann
    Engineered Golf
    7 Brent Court
    North Bay, Ontario, Canada
    P1B 9M4
    Servicing Northern Ontario & the Muskoka’s
    Wishon Sterlling SL – 5 hybrid, 5 irons- Sand Wedge, (plus 5, 7 & 9 iron fully assembled for demonstrator clubs) - RH
    Full Set of Pinhawk irons #4 – Sand Wedge, and #4 hybrid – RH

    Brian Morrissey
    Power Golf Custom Club Fitting
    411 Glendale Ave.
    St. Catharine’s Ontario Canada
    We service the Buffalo Market as Well as Toronto
    I have one set of Pinhawks 5 to PW
    I have one set of WIshon Single Length 4 to PW

    Albert Pilling
    Quantum Clubfitting

    Cold lake, Alberta, CAN
    Wishon Sterling Full set men's and ladies. Custom shaft selection

    John Wade
    Precision Golf Clubs

    2222 Snyders Road East
    Unit #2
    Wilmot Ontario
    N0B 2H0
    519-591-GOLF (4653)
    Wishon Sterling Irons - Full set to test



     - Single length test or demo clubs


     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Andre Thaon

    16 avenue General Leclerc 78230
    Le Pecq (France)
    + 33 612 820 035
    Wishon Sterling irons #s 5, 7, and 9 and #5 hybrid



     - Single length test or demo clubs

    Marcel Bal
    Golf Op Maat
    Malzwin 1408
    1788 XB Julianadorp
    0223 -643720
    Irons 5,7,9,GW with graphite shaft and irons 6,8,PW, SW with steel shaft.

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