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What is the AGCP?

If you are new to the site and you are wondering what the AGCP is and why we exits hopefully this page will give you the answers you are looking for. The AGCP is the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals. We believe we have the best Professional Golf Clubfitting organization in the world and in our members we have the best Professional Clubfitters in the world.

When we started the organization our members were former members of the Professional Clubmakers Society out of Louisville, KY. When the PCS disbanded many of us wanted a place to have a convention each year and exchange our ideas professional techniques and train our successors. We developed a certification process and certified our members through rigorous testing and we set up a Masters Program to keep our members seeking continuing education.

I, Roy Nix founded the AGCP because of the demand to continue the better traditions of the PCS. It isn’t about me, but since I run the AGCP here is my story.

The AGCP was started when about a dozen or so PCS members decided to take a working vacation together to Branson MO.

I organized an email list of some of the best and brightest of the Professional Clubmaker’s Society (PCS) members so we could discuss topics candidly that were discouraged on the old PCS Forum. There were a number of things that, in my opinion, were difficult to nearly impossible to do on the PCS forum and I wanted to learn about the back end of the business or the “how to run a business” part as well as the technical part of the club making business. My wife Linda and I own a printing business and we had been involved with the National Association of Quick Printers and their email list for many years before I opened my Golf Shop. We attended their conventions and corresponded with many of the industry’s top consultants and most successful printers to learn how to operate our printing business more successfully. Since the printing business and the custom golf club business are alike in many ways I thought some of the same concepts we used in our printing business would also apply to my new golf business. But when I tried to ask some of the key questions on the PCS forum those questions were discouraged and I was told not to discuss those subjects on the PCS Forum.

The PCS would not allow members to discuss pricing of their products nor what profit margins they used to be successful. The PCS allowed sponsors to participate on their forums and if a member said anything critical of a sponsor they could be subject to ridicule. One particular sponsor was so critical of the PCS and how they operated on the Forum many of the members simply stopped using the forum. There was a good bit of name calling and a lot or personal attacks on the PCS forum and that in my opinion did not encourage positive result or members to want to ask questions.

So a work around was the email list I created so some of us could discuss such topics freely and without critical or derogatory comments about our questions. The main rules of the email list were:

  • There are no dumb questions. Anyone should be able to ask even what others thought to be a simple question and they would get a serious answer without any negative comments. Even the best of the best started with no knowledge and had to learn and they should be critical of those who were now trying to learn.
  • Questions about pricing and profit were welcome on the email list
  • Any topic is welcome as long as it was about clubfitting, clubmaking, or the business of clubfitting or clubmaking.
  • Sponsors were not allowed on the list so members could discuss products without fear of retribution from sponsors of said products.
  • Smart remarks and personal criticism were not allowed on the list. We have a Netiquette Page to show what is and is not allowed and members can and will be suspended for violating the Netiquette rules.

As word spread more serious businessmen wanted to join the list. As the subscribers to the list grew I created a web site to put some of the information out to the public and to locate some of the documents we often exchanged so we had a central location to retrieve them. After a few years one of the members suggested that everyone should pay something to offset my cost and compensate me to a degree for the time and effort that went into maintaining the list and web site. In 2006 I suggested that we all meet in Branson MO and go out and have a good time and have classes at Hoot Gibson’s Golf Works in Branson. At that meeting it was suggested we should get together and have a meeting annually and have classes. This became the RT Convention we  hold each year in Columbus, Georgia

After our get together we continued to grow and when the PCS went bankrupt and there was no other convention so our annual meeting became “the clubfitters convention” and we are the only one in the industry. We’ve had attendance from 25 or 30 to over 100 over the years. We grew and grew until the economy collapsed and now we have a small but loyal group each year.

So that is how we started and that is how we remain today. Still dedicated to learning and improving each member and making them better at their craft.

If you are a serious clubmaker or clubfitter who wants to learn and increase your profit while making better golfers with better fitted golf clubs I invite you to join us. You will be happy you did.

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Roy Nix
AGCP Founder and Director
McNix Golf
Columbus, Georgia

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