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AGCP Clubfitter & Club Maker Annual RT – 10 Convention Registration

  • November 12, 2015
  • 10:00 AM
  • November 14, 2015
  • 9:00 PM
  • Columbus Irons Works Convention & Trade Center, Columbus GA
  • 6


  • Open to Gold, Lifetime Gold, Video Gold and Facebook, LinkedIn & TWGT Gold level memberships only.
  • Open to Clubfitters, clubmaker and anyone interested in learning the finer points about our profession
  • Allows Corporate Sponsors to register to appear at Demo Day and set up a 10 x 10 Tent on the Range at Woodland Hills GC. Wednesday or RT week.

    Available to Corporate Sponsors Only
  • Package #2 is for Exhibit Day only. Open to Corporate Sponsors Only.
    A table and 2 chairs on Thursday, Sponsor's Exhibit Day only. We will provide the table and chairs.
    You will have to pay for internet access, electrical, etc. provided through the Columbus Convention Center. Pay at the main office when you get here.

    Available to Corporate Sponsors Only
  • Package #1 is available to Corporate Sponsors Only
    - Demo Day on the Range - includes 10 x 10 foot tent space
    - Sponsors Exhibit Day on Thursday with a table and 2 chairs
    We will provide the table and chairs.
    You will have to pay for internet access, electrical, etc. provided through the Columbus Convention Center. Pay at the main office when you get here.

    Available to Corporate Sponsors Only

Registration is closed

RT - 10 is the AGCP's 10th Anniversary Convention.

Our Keynote Speaker for 2015 is Tom Wishon, founder and designer of Tom Wishon Golf Technology. 

Our general theme this year is to explore "How changes to the Golf Club Create Changes in the Golf Swing". In addition we will be offering classes on how to operate a more successful clubfitting business by two small business consultants.

Please read the additional events listed below this and register for those you wish to attend.

You can look forward to the following at or 2015 RT-10 Clubfitters & Club Makers Convention:

  1. Tuesday Nov. 10 6 PM - Bill Marshall Early Arrival Dinner will be a the 12th Street Deli on 12th Street. Same as always. There will be food a plenty provided by Bill Marshall and beverages and many members like to bring their favorite beverages to share with other members. The food will be buffet style and serve yourself as long as it lasts.
    Starting with appetizers and drinks the Menu will include Pulled Pork,Jambalaya with Rice, Black Beans and sausage with Rice, a salad or two, yeast rolls warmed for pork sliders and Texas Toast, West Georgia Caviar and desserts. 
  2. Wednesday Nov. 11 - Bull Creek Golf Course
    Roy Nix will host a short game clinic at Bull Creek Golf Course around 2 PM - weather permitting. 
    There may be club testing for data collection at the Range at Bull Creek if you would like to participate.

  3. Wednesday evening - 10th Anniversary RT Dinner - Mark's City Grill on Williams Road - 6:30 PM. Dinner on us - Cash Bar available.

Thursday Nov. 12 -
Main Room #104 will open around 9 AM and
Room 103 between 9 AM and 10 AM.

Keith Chatham's BMT Iron shaft matching class will start around 2 PM in 103

During the day in 103 & 104
  • Some members will have a Swap meet 
  • and there may be some testing and demonstrations in the exhibit room.
  • Bob Uebelhor will have his putter bending machine 
  • and others will bring their fitting systems with various connectors to show to new members.
  • We may have a net set up and there may be several activities using the net. 
  • Dave Hohnke may have a wedge demonstration in the morning if he doesn't have it on Wednesday at the golf course.
7PM Country Inns & Suites Conference Room - Jerry Hoefling's BMT Shaft Fitting Webinar.
  1. Friday Nov. 13
    9 AM - Welcome to RT-10 - Roy Nix
    9:10 - John Shiavone -
    Using Strokes Saved as a Basis to determine best fit.
    10:10 - Dr. John R. Stephenson, M.D. - Golf Swing Techniques
    11:10 - Keith Chatham
    (AGCP Master) - How to fit for custom face angles
    12:30 - LUNCH
    2:00 - Dave Hohnke Dave's Scorekeeping for Clubfitting. A helpful and diagnostic tool for clubfitters and an eye opener for customers.
    3:00 - Dave Hohnke - Gap fitting custom clubs with an emphasis on wedges and how they relate to the rest of the set.
    4:00 - Anthony Wright - How to create a winning web site and using social media to increase business
    5:00 or Time Remaining... Tom Spargo will speak on OEM Fitting and OEM fitting carts and how to increase your golf shop business.

  2. Saturday Nov. 14

    9:00 AM - David Holt (small business consultant) 
    Looking through you customer's eyes.

    11:00 - Bob Williams - Selling Tips and business tips (business consultant and Level 10

    12:00 - LUNCH

    1:30 PM - Our Keynote Speaker - Tom Wishon

  3. “An Overview of What I’ve Learned in 42 Years of Immersion in Every Possible Area of Golf Club Performance”

    Approaching the twilight of a long and extremely varied career in the golf equipment industry, Tom Wishon has pretty much seen and done it all when it comes to the concept, innovation, design, production, analysis, testing and fitting of golf clubs.   Not to forget the business side of golf clubs as well from his experience of having been vice president of both GolfWorks and Golfsmith as well as president of Dynacraft and his own company, Tom Wishon Golf Technology between 1980 and the present. 

    Tom’s time as keynote speaker for the 2015 AGCP RoundTable will cover a wide range of topics and information related to golf club performance and fitting.   In the first half of his keynote conversation with AGCP members, Tom will share insights and facts of a combination of technical and practical information learned over 42 years in the business.   Tom will follow with an free form open discussion with AGCP members, fielding questions and offering answers on any and all topics that AGCP members wish to bring up or ask.   In his conclusion, Tom will finish with a “state of the industry” commentary drawing upon his vast experience to discuss the present and future of the golf equipment and clubmaking industries.  

    As always, AGCP members will be encouraged to bring up any questions at any time during Tom’s keynote delivery and to treat the time as an informal and conversational time with one of our industry’s most passionate and knowledgeable businessmen.   
    Time permitting other potential speakers include but are not confirmed at this time: Matt Heitmueller PGA Professional Green Island Country Club - Columbus GA, Roy Nix  (AGCP Master). Bob Uebelhor. As additional speakers and scheduling becomes clear we will announce and edit to show latest updates. 

    Because we were able to get a later date for RT10 we expect a much larger group than the past few years.  

    Saturday November 14, 2015 – Dinner at Hunter’s Pub at 5 PM for all who wish to attend. This has become a tradition at the convention and you’ll never have a better steak dinner.

    Disclaimer: This information is deemed to be accurate to the best of our ability to obtain accurate information but is subject to change without notice. Although we have tried to verify the information we make no guarantees or warranties for the information as presented. Barring any unforeseen circumstances we will do our best to insure that everything stated is presented as stated but we cannot guarantee everyone involved will be able to do as promised. In the event of changes or cancellations we will announce it as soon as we are notified. No refunds will be given.

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