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  • November 07, 2018
  • 9:00 AM
  • November 09, 2018
  • 5:00 PM
  • The Perfect Place, 5344 Kolb Ave Columbus, Georgia 31904, (706) 681-6952


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The Perfect Place

5344 Kolb Ave
Columbus, Georgia 31904

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(706) 681-6952

The 13th Annual RT Clubfitters Convention is packed with great information for both new and veteran clubfitters and club builders. We have a great group of Masters preparing to update you on the things you've been chatting about in the AGCP Private group communications. 

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Our schedule looks like this right now. 


9 - 10 - Jim Holley - Putter Performance – Data Collection; Tracking and Analysis

10 - 12 - Albert Pilling - How I use tip deflection for  iron shaft sorting and to determine tip trim.

12 - 1:30 - lunch will be a light lunch of sandwiches etc. provided by the AGCP

1:30 - 3 - Keith Chatham - Shop Tips & Tricks 

3 - 5 - Roundtable discussion with group asking questions of Masters about previous classes and Q&A open discussion.

As always, nothing is guaranteed but we have commitments from our Masters for now. All classes, and all times and dates are subject to change for health or other reasons. Classes & Speakers may be changed, and days and times may be changed. We have these commitments but if we have cancellations or additional volunteers changes can and will be made. 

DINNER will be at Pies & Thighs and provided by the AGCP


9 - 10:30 - Keith Chatham - Review of Dana's and Keith's procedure for building clubs to MOI and frequency matching using dummy shaft.

10:30 - 12 - Dave Hohnke - How to do a good fitting without a Trackman, Flight-Scope, or G-quad. Group Discussion

12 -1 - lunch will be catered and provided by AGCP

1 - 2 - Dave Hohnke - How to use Fit Chip in fittings.

2 - 3 - Keith Chatham - Dave Hohnke - Fitting for weight & D plane and group discussion following.

3- 4 - Bill Kelly - The Ball goes where the Face is Pointed 

4 - 5 - Gisle Solhaug, Rational Golf

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DINNER is your choice, you are on your own tonight to go where you like and Dutch Treat.


9 - 10 - Dave Hohnke - MBI and Ball Flight Laws

10:30 - 12 - Keith Chatham - Using Counterweights during putter fitting

12 - 12:30 lunch will be a light lunch of sandwiches etc. provided by the AGCP

12:30 - 2 John Oldenberg - LA Shafts shaft designer on shaft theory and more.

2:00 - 3:00 - John Schiavone will give two short presentations. Both are simple demonstrations of Excel spreadsheets he is developing. One will create an input file for TW Shaft profiling software so even if you can’t register your software you can input new shafts. The other is a sheet that uses the Parallel Axis Theorem to easily calculate the MOI of a club after you shorten (or extend) it.

3:00 - 4:00 (or until we have to stop to go to Hunter's Pub) Open Table Discussion. Open discussion for all on any topics and questions covered during the RT.

DINNER AT HUNTER'S PUB WILL BE Dutch Treat - time to be announced before we leave the building.

*All times and speakers subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control. 

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