Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

10th Annual Roundtable

We would like to invite you to join us at the

10th Anniversary Annual AGCP Convention RT-10

November 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 2015

We believe this is the best week of clubfitting and clubmaking education and experiences available anywhere. Those who attend will tell you that you get more bang for your buck than anywhere else they have ever been.

Compare what you get from our 3 days plus of education with the price you pay for other schools or certification programs. Our classes are taught by AGCP Masters of Golf Club Technology, AGCP Level 10 Qualified and Certified Members and people who do this every day in their business, not instructors who spend their time doing something else for a paycheck and teach when they have to. Many of our instructors have been selected by Golf Digest one of America’s Best 100 Clubfitters.

We will kick off with Bill Marshall's Early Bird Dinner on Tuesday November 10th for anyone arriving early. This is a special meet and greet where everything is informal and attendees and sponsors get a chance to meet and spend time together in a relaxed informal setting.

Followed up on Wednesday November 11th with our Demo Day at Woodland Hills G.C. Sponsors demos and member demonstrations will be staring at 1 in the afternoon and you will be able to demonstrate their products on the range. We kick off Demo Day at 1 pm to avoid any possibility of frost and allow those close enough to drive in that morning and save a night in a hotel. It also allows early flight into Atlanta and time to drive in from the Atlanta airport that morning. Driving time from the Atlanta airport is about 1.5 hours if you rent a car and Groome Transportation leaves Atlanta every hour.

Thursday November 12th is a full day of Sponsor's exhibits and or member demonstrations where sponsors set up their tents and tables in the Historic Columbus Convention and Trade Center and display their products for attendees to see and AGCP members demonstrate products or techniques for those attending. This is a great time to get to know your vendors personally and develop a relationship beyond a voice on a telephone.

Thursday evening we have our Member/Sponsor banquet with catering by Country's Barbeque and it is all you can eat. Pulled Pork, Chicken, Fried Catfish and all the trimming as only Country's can do.

All of this followed by 2 full days of classes on Friday and Saturday presented by AGCP Masters and other experts in our industry. Classes will be posted as soon as they are developed and commitments have been obtained.

Sponsor’s Exhibits Free to all clubmakers on Thursday. You do not have to be a member and participation is Free to all.

AGCP Sponsors: TBA

See Schedule for complete details of classes and times.

Read Comments of attendees

Classroom instruction by some of America's Best Clubfitters. Our AGCP members do what they teach all day every day and they make a living doing it. Many of our instructors are listed in the Golf Digest Best 100 Clubfitters in America. Often they are AGCP Masters who are at the top of their profession and have years of experience doing what they teach. All in all you get learn from people who practice what they are teaching you and are successful at it. After all they say the best way to learn something well is to learn it from someone who is successful at going it for a living.

Hands on instructions during the exhibits by America's Best Clubfitters. Some of the very same clubfitters who teach our classes will also be on hand during the exhibits to offer several classes on practical techniques for many of the same things you get asked to do in your shop. Stop by their bench and see how they do it.

We are noted for our after hours activities also. We try to offer good food and a friendly atmosphere so our members, sponsors and guests can relax and enjoy discussing their favorite topics while they are in Columbus. We offer many occasions to meet new people and engage them in conversation and to sit around exchanging ideas after hours. We have meeting rooms and hospitality rooms at the hotels where all can join together and discuss the events of the day and make new friends.

Bring the family, come early and stay over and enjoy Columbus.

Recently a new AGCP member asked the entire membership to help him make a decision on his career. He wants to learn and asked the members if he would be better served by attending one of the well know clubfitter/clubmaker schools or by attending the AGCP RT Convention.

The members who have been attending for years spoke up with their opinions. Most of these are members who have been in business and are already successful and many are leaders in the field. Some of the comments are below. Note: the comments have been edited to eliminate extraneous comments and make them more concise.

...if you can come to the Roundtable I can guarantee that you will learn more about fitting than you will learn in the schools you mention. Not that they are not great schools..... I went to the Golfworks school as my first club making education and still use the information.

But at the Roundtable, you will be surrounded by information and discussions specifically about Fitting. AND in the evenings folks get together and talk. If you can be there, you will get much more bang for the buck in my humble opinion. - Tony

As one who has attended more than one fitting school (each had something to teach), I have found that I get a lot more from the Roundtable. The people that teach there actually fit clubs, build clubs etc on a regular basis and have some pretty good tales to tell. Give it a try, you'll like it.- Larry

I have attended 3 Golfsmith schools, 2 Mitchell schools and 2 Golfworks schools and I tell you that I have learned more and had more of what I knew reinforced by attending and participating in the Round Tables. I missed the very first RT in Branson way back when (didn't know about it) and last year (daughter was having surgery and chemo). I do not plan to miss another (unless for some other catastrophic reason). I would recommend, without reservation, you attend the RT before and ahead of ANY other school currently being offered anywhere. - Jerry

I will echo Jerry and others. Have attended GolfWorks, Golfsmith, PCS, Rifle & PFC schools, conferences and workshops. All good, but attending one AGCP RT will get you farther along in this business. - Mark

...actual fitting and things that really separate you from competition is going to be learned from RT. - Chris

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